Skanse AS offers unique experiences in remarkable Norwegian nature.

Cabins, apartments, hunting, whale-safari and more. 


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Your stay

The amazing architecture of residential opportunities that Skanse AS offers to tourists will with no doubt enhance the experience of your journey. 

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The Norwegian arctic nature and environment offers unique experiences that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. 



Framnes, Bodø. She is not shy of showing off to tourists coming to town. Animal life, northern lights, hiking trails and more. All of which are as impressive as it gets. 



Take a look at the banner photo and the two photos inserted below, and tell us that this is not at place you would like to spend a couple of days to just recharge your batteries. 

Imagine reading your favorite book, or a book you just picked up, with a nice soothing fireplace and that amazing view. Could it get any better?

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The Norwegian waters


As commonly known, the Norwegian waters are full of fish species. We ensure you that a trip here would generate an amazing fishing experience. Additionally, the available boats and ships creates their own intriguing activities that you can't find many other places. 

Seals, whales, salmon, you name it. We have everything. 

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